Employment Law Advice

Employment & Workplace Lawyers

There are several areas in Employment Law where clear legal advice can be extremely valuable.

  1.  Hiring Process.

    • Selection and hiring of a new employee can be an intricate process which may result in later problems if correct protocols are not followed.  This can include:
      • Enterprise Agreements
      • Employment Contracts
      • State and Federal Awards
  2. Relationship During Employment

    There are a number of very specific rules relating to the relationship between employer and employee.  It is important to be very clear and very organised so that issues are handled correctly.  Areas of this relationship can include:

    • Discrimination
    • Performance Management
    • Determination of Entitlements
    • Personal and Other Leave Determinations
    • Workers Compensation Claims
    • Bullying
  3. Dismissal And Termination of Employment

    This is a very complex area of law and it is important to get advice to ensure that the processes followed comply with a number of strict codes.  Included are:

    • Breach of Contract
    • Australian Consumer Law Claims
    • Unfair Dismissal
    • Redundancy Rules

Our Employment Law Team at McDonald Leong is led by Martin Smith.